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Solar Panels Technician

A professionally installed Solar System can mean so many things...Pick one or ALL.

  • Convenience

  • Savings

  • Comfort

  • Security

  • Future


We are Crimson Power
Commercial & residential solar system installations. 


  • With solar, you are harnessing the abundant power of the Sun. Which means if you have sunlight you are generating power.

  • Choosing to go solar will allow you to generate your own power to serve your energy needs.

  • Whether its a 2000W unit or a 200KW unit there is value at every stage.

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System Component
Lithium system
Lead Acid battery (Wetcell)
5kWh Lithium
200Ah (2pcs)
Solar Panels
Inverter/ MPPT

*The package estimates include installation costs which may vary slightly based on location & conditions. Please contact us for customized or higher packages.


Entry level Solar system packages

Solar Services


We're here to provide tailored renewable energy solutions. Our Residential Solar Systems deliver sustainable energy to your home, saving you money and supporting the environment. Say goodbye to high bills and hello to a cleaner future.


We provide customizable commercial solar systems to suit your needs. Our eco-friendly solutions are reliable, powerful, and reduce your carbon footprint. Trust us for cost-saving, sustainable energy that's dependable and efficient.

Maintenance and Support

We provide maintenance and support services for all solar systems we install. Our skilled technicians and engineers offer top-notch service. We also offer SLA options for existing systems. With our upgrade and optimization choices, your solar systems will always operate at peak efficiency.

Oke O.

"Very good service, my new batteries from Crimson electric are obviously better than the last. Planned to change my inverter cos I thought my inverter had an issue. Julian advised to try the new batteries first and see. Now I know my old inverter is still in perfect condition."


Mr Aisida

"I always admire watching people who are very proffesional with their work.
It gives me hope for Nigeria
I am sure that, like all of us us have your faults. but so far I am quite delighted.

Mrs Obika

“I have been with Crimson Power for years and honestly I am glad I met them. They make the power challenges for us just the right amount of easy.

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