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Are you looking to reduce your business’s energy costs and become more energy efficient? Then you should have a commercial energy audit carried out in your facility.

An energy audit is a comprehensive review of your business’s energy consumption pattern to identify potential improvements that can reduce your energy consumption and costs.

Through an energy audit, you can learn how to better manage your energy use and improve the efficiency of your operations

What is an energy audit?

A commercial energy audit assesses buildings and facilities to identify opportunities for reducing energy consumption, lowering carbon emissions, and saving money.

Our qualified energy auditors conduct thorough analyses of energy use, sources, systems, and equipment. They examine insulation, lighting, electrical devices, and other energy sources, like gas, to create a comprehensive report.

The report will contain valuable recommendations for improving energy performance, enabling businesses in Nigeria to make informed decisions and capitalize on energy-saving opportunities. Take charge of your energy costs and embrace sustainability with our professional energy audit services.


Why have an Energy Audit

  • Increase operational efficiency and cost reduction

  • Identify areas of inefficient energy usage for significant cost savings

  • Determine optimal investments in energy-efficient technologies like LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances, and monitoring systems

  • Potential energy saving opportunities of up to 20%

  • Obtain valuable data on current energy usage and track changes over time

  • Make informed decisions to reduce energy consumption and achieve sustainability goals

  • Improve customer satisfaction by demonstrating environmental responsibility

  • Leverage energy audit findings for marketing purposes

  • Develop strategies to reduce the carbon footprint and enhance environmental performance.

What the energy audit process looks like

The audit typically begins with a desk-based analysis of your energy bills and load profile. We will then visit your building and conduct a walk-through survey, during which the auditor will take note of any inefficient lighting, HVAC systems, and insulation.


They will also assess the building’s envelope windows, doors, and other openings that can let in or out air—to determine if the building is losing energy through these points. They will also review operational and management practices.


Once the walkthrough is complete and depending on the audit level, our audit team will install an electrical energy logging equipment for an agreed period of time to understand the consumption trend of your facility and get a more accurate understanding of the building’s energy use.


After all of the data is collected, it is analysed to determine which areas of the building are using the most energy, and what changes can be made to improve efficiency. We will then produce a report that outlines the findings and suggests ways to reduce energy consumption.

audit process
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