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Go Solar: Why and How

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

The use of Solar panels is becoming increasingly popular. You can see them on people's roofs all over

Still I find that people talk about Solar in the wrong way and I thought I should address some of these misconceptions by writing this post.

It noticed that a lot of people feel that inverter systems and solar systems are two different means of alternative power when in truth both systems work in together.

The most common way to set up a solar system is to connect solar panels directly to an inverter system's batteries so that they would charge the batteries once they begin to generate power during the day.

Left image: common Solar Setup Right image: Hybrid Solar Setup

Pretty straight forward right, ok. The challenge with this system is that sometimes the panels fully charge the battery bank and there is still extra power available from the solar panels which gets wasted.

See the problem? So in Nigeria the best way to do this is to use what is called a Solar Inverter or Solar hybrid inverter which basically replaces the inverter and charge controller a normal inverter setup. It also intelligently manages the power between the solar panels, the grid and the batteries and allows you to consume the power generated by the solar panels directly once the batteries are fully charged.

So back to the main topic, why and how to go Solar?


We have an abundance of sunlight in Nigeria and Africa but power from the national grid is very erratic and unpredictable so adding these two points together instead of just using an inverter system alone which you will have to charge with your generator if there is no gird power, get panels so that you can support your battery charging process.

image source: solar GIS


To really get to the point where your system is strong enough to generate enough power, you will have a lot of investing to do but still you can pace yourself. Start with just enough to get you by a day of charging your batteries and then when you can invest more into your system, scale up. That’s very easily done and we at CRIMSON ELECTRIC can help you with the entire process.

Get in touch and let us know how we can help you to go Solar. If you like this article and any of the others on our blog, please do us a huge favour and share on your social media feeds. Just click any of the buttons below.

Thank you and stay blessed.

Best regards,

Julian Bassey

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