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How to save money on electric bills with Solar in Nigerian serviced estates.

If you live in a serviced residential estate in Nigeria, chances are that the estate provides a 24hr electricity service.

This has become a very convenient arrangement and has served residents of these estates very well but it also comes at a price. In recent times with the increase in electricity tariff, it costs more to provide the beneficiaries of these services with 24hours power and thus their electricity tariff goes up.

So a lot of folks are now wondering how they can save money on the new expensive power bills. Well, one of the ways is by investing in Solar panels. Another way is to invest in highly efficient energy-saving appliances or by doing both.

One thing that you must accept first of all is that you have to invest or pay upfront for your electricity in order to save on your monthly bills.

When it comes to homes that enjoy 24hours power supply, it is not as simple as connecting solar panels to an existing inverter and battery setup as this in most cases will not save you money.

The way to do it is to use on-grid solar systems. These inverters are designed to take power from the sun and supply to the house directly without the use of batteries and at the same time reduce the consumption of power from the main meter as long as the sun is providing enough light.

When we calculate the savings using this method, you find that after your initial investment you are saving on your monthly electricity bills from day one. These savings will continue for the lifetime of the solar panels which is usually around 15-20 years, and you would have saved the amount you invested in the system in a short which you can consider as an ROI. (Return on investment). Click here to check out our on-grid solar system packages.

Your solar installer should be able to provide you with data that will estimate the savings you can achieve for different sized solar systems. This will give you clear insight as to whether this investment is worth it for you.

So this is how you save money on your monthly electricity expense when living in a 24 hour serviced estate.

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