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Careful about the batteries you buy - images reveal.

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Its no news today that the batteries of your inverter or solar system are the life of the system. They are also the major cost component of the system and the one part of the unit that may need replacing from time to time.

Now the cost of these batteries are pretty high and this has led some individuals or companies to mess with the prices and offer very poor quality units at prices that seem attractive to the buyer at first.

Still want to know more about the type of tricks they play? See below.

Below is an image of an open discarded battery showing the cells inside. But on closer inspection you realize that there is more than just battery cells in the box.

The white & black zebra colored strips are the cells. Now if we look closer in this image below you will notice something amongst the cells. Can you spot it?

Here are a bunch of images from the same battery with all the cells removed. Amongst the cells you will find GLASS. YES GLASS!

The only reason we believe there would be glass in there is because they were trying to compensate for the difference in weight. Why weight? Because there is really not enough cells in the battery to make up the 200AH rating it had printed on its casing.

In reality this battery might have been a 100AH or 120AH battery and labeled as 200AH.

Sad but true. So if you do want to get new batteries please watch what you are buying.

We offer quality batteries with all our solutions and if you are looking at battery replacement we have a special discount which helps slightly with the cost.

Contact us if you are looking for new batteries and be sure of what you are getting.

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