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It's been back-to-school season - Is your inverter or solar system working?

Back-to-school with inverters and solar systems

You are probably wondering how we are trying to tie the going back-to-school season in Nigeria with inverter and solar systems.

Well, if you're a working parent like me, with kids in school, you probably face a similar situation where your children arrive home before you do.

Yes, I agree it is a narrowed perspective but one that most families with children in Nigeria experience on a regular basis.

In today's digital age, children often have a mountain of homework to tackle, and chances are they'll need the internet to get it done.

Now, let's connect the dots here...Imagine your kids arrive home, eager to start their homework (LOL at eager.... well a small percentage at least), and suddenly, the power goes out or was out when they arrived.

Instead of rushing to fire up a generator, there's a smarter solution: ensuring your inverter or solar backup system is in tip-top shape.

Here are a few things to keep an eye on:

Battery Health: Are your batteries still reliable, holding their charge when you need it most?

Solar Panels: Check that your solar panels are charging efficiently. Make sure there's no loose connection, and keep those panels clean to maximize their power production.

But what if you don't have such a system in place yet? 

Well, Dad and/or Mom, it might be time to consider getting one. Now, here's where I'll put in our shameless plug. We need to sell.... but it is a good reason to hire our services. We care about you.

At Crimson Power Ltd, we provide solutions to all these challenges:

Battery Replacement: If your batteries are showing signs of wear and tear, we've got you covered. We have varying options from flooded Tubular batteries (A.K.A Wetcell), sealed maintenance-free batteries (A.K.A Drycell), and Lithium batteries as well.

Solar Panels (PV modules): We offer top-notch solar panels for both new and existing inverter systems. So if you have an existing inverter and are interested in charging your batteries with solar power the service is called "Solar Add-on"

Solar and Inverter Systems: Of course if you don't currently have a system and looking to install a new system? We've got the expertise to advise you on the best option for your situation. See below a load chart that can start your guide.

Inverter and solar load chart
Crimson Power Inverter and solar load chart

Finance Partners: We understand budgets can be tight. That's why we've partnered with LeaseHouz and Payhippo to offer financing options that let you pay over 6 - 18 months. They both have their unique selling points and we will be happy to put you in touch with them.

So, circling back to the beginning of this post, can you see how these two seemingly unrelated topics are connected? So check again...Is your inverter or solar system working?

Catch you next time, and don't forget to check out our other blog posts especially the one for tips on which batteries to avoid!


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