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Battery replacement time - What to do?

There comes that faithful time when we need to invest on our inverter/solar systems once again.

When the systems batteries are weak and need replacement. Now I want to focus on this topic because with the current rising FX rates, everyone can imagine that this will be an expensive project.

Current prices of batteries range anywhere between N100,000 and N140,000 for 200AH batteries. So depending on the number of batteries you have, I will leave you to do the math.

The way I see it, is that we these high costs one does need to make the right decision when it comes to your battery purchase.

What I mean is that you really need to look at mitigating your risk of battery failure and replacement occurrences.

That way you will be getting more value for your money.

So when battery replacement comes round, please consider getting the more premium products that will last longer and also avoid the risk of battery failure.

There are good options for both dry cell and wet cell. Contact us to discuss what the best available solution will be for your application.

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