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Residential 3phase system

Project - Residential 3 phase Solar System

Location - Ikoyi, Lagos State, Nigeria
PV - 14kWp
Inverters - Victron 24kVA (8kVAx 3)
Batteries - Pylontech (43kWh)

Scope - Design and install a solar system to power a home with most appliances on the system including a LIFT and some air-conditioning

Our client engaged Crimson Power to install a complete solar system for their home. The system runs fully automated matched with an ATS (Auto changeover) system designed and built by us which has 3 power input sources. GRID1 -PHCN, GRID 2 - IPP & GEN. 

The main objective of the project was to have the solar system as the main power source for the building and have all other power sources as backup power effectively allowing for an off-grid system.

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